Astonishing Backgammon Trivia

This may not be important to our backgammon winning strategies or the specific backgammon boards we want to own, but it's exciting to know—the world's biggest backgammon board.

There are crazy backgammon curios, like boards for dolls, garden shrubberies cut out like backgammon boards, cake boards, printed boards on shirts, bags, curtains, and carpets, and others. But what's the biggest backgammon board we have seen? We may have seen lawns as giant backgammon boards, the same with porch or patio floorings, swimming pool floors, or living room or hall floors.

But here's a really big board that needs to be seen from a bird's eye view to appreciate its size. We have to literally be on an airborne plane or chopper to see its entirety. It's located on acres of land near the London Gatwick Airport so that plane passengers from around the world arriving at the airport all marvel at the awesome sight. Actually, it's the biggest backgammon board in the world—among the world's man-made wonders.

As a promotional prelude and a kind of grand opening salvo to the first Million Dollar Backgammon Tournament the organizers were directed to have this giant board painted on the said airport vicinity. This will be on the site until July 2008. About 4,000 liters of paint was reportedly used on this project. Due to its sheer size, covering more than 100,000 square feet of area, it is estimated to put the game at par with poker in popularity, land based and online.

This giant board ahs the complete details of what a backgammon board should be. It has a colored (apple green) background with points alternatingly white and dark green, and round checker pieces white and green on the white and green points reversely. Below the vast board is the website address "" Beside this monstrous board are wide square green fields bordered by large trees. The whole thing—board and surroundings—is breath-taking when seen from a landing plane. Blue mountains loom in the distance.

Backgammon enthusiasts, upon sighting the awesome board from a plane, feel optimistic about the game promotion result. They feel the big event and the fantastic promotion will put backgammon back on the world map—land based and online—as it once enjoyed worldwide popularity in the early years.

Backgammon is very much a game of strategy as poker is. And this board, deemed the biggest backgammon board so far, very strategically located, proves this point so vividly.

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