Board Assortment for Backgammon

It's fun not only to play backgammon but more so to collect backgammon board assortments. They come in different styles, colors, and make. And they're mostly collector's items. Here are some of them.

There's the Mosaic Mother of Pearl 15-inch backgammon board set. They mostly come from the Holy Land, Jerusalem. They are a result of painstaking hand-made inlaid varieties of wood like Olive, rose, lemon, and pine woods plus the precious Mother of Pearl. Guaranteed to be a sure collector's item hit anywhere.

Then it's also worth trying to have a Tubula game board, reputed to be the mother of all backgammon games. These boards mostly come from the United Kingdom although it was widely used in the Roman Empire from the first century. Tabula can be played even by 10-year old kids.

If we're looking for a board designed for family enjoyment we better check out a House Martin backgammon board. It's designed for kids and adults. It's very affordable because of its simple hard-board material and its backgammon set of wooden pieces--checkers and dice. The board and set are encased in a simple hard-board box. There's also a vintage House Martin backgammon board for collectors.

A very interesting option among backgammon board assortments is to have a 3 in 1 board. This consists of 3 popular board games, namely, backgammon, chess, and American checkers or draughts. This is perfect for taking during an outdoor trip with family and friends. For those who want their kids sharpened mentally through board games we may opt for Kids' Board Set. These are 3 separate boards that come in one box. They're cheap and apt for kids.

If we are after a backgammon board merely for décor purposes there is a board by Doll House. It's non foldable and cannot be used in serious backgammon plays. But it's good enough for hanging on walls. If we are fond of playing the game while traveling a magnetic board is our option. It is good for family use, too. It can also serve as a prefect gift to toddlers.

If we want something unique for a change then we try a glass backgammon board. This is a different experience in board games with a touch of elegance. Or, we may try a versatile 6 in one board that allows us lots of options besides our favorite backgammon.

It's exciting to see lots of backgammon board assortments and it's good to have them available among our collections.

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