Caring for Our Quality Backgammon Boards

Quality backgammon board faces are mostly hand-crafted hardwoods and pure leather materials, or a combination thereof. They are designed and treated to last long but they can use a little help from our personal caring maintenance.

To be sure, hardwoods are tough and heavy duty materials and can last a lifetime. With leather materials, they are often dyed and tool treated to protect them from moisture. This also makes working on them easy even when they're wet. However, this can also mean that they can be easily damaged when they get wet after manufacturing.

Hence, with leather materials on our backgammon boards we should have leather conditioners applied regularly on both the exterior and interior leather walls of the board. We should remember to apply more coats on the exterior as this is more exposed to the elements.

To protect the leather from wetness we should remember never to rub it dry. We should apply gentle presses with a cloth or tissue paper to gradually take the wetness off. Then let the remaining moisture dry off. And be careful where we place unused checkers or when we have to take them off the board temporarily and put them somewhere.

Make sure the surface where we put them is not wet or affected with sticky substances. Better yet, place them on a clean cloth or napkin or in clean and dry trays. Always check that the checker pieces are always clean. We may clean them in soaped water or with oil then wipe dry. Chipped off edges of our checker pieces can also do harm to our quality backgammon board.

Some owners make the mistake of slipping pens and clips in their boards. This may damage the surface quality. Clips can scratch them and pens might blot ink spots on them. Ink is a terrible stain. It's often hard to remove. Some write on paper resting on the leather or wooden board. This, too, can be damaging. Heavy writing strokes can leave deep marks on the leather or wood.

Never place boards for long on places where direct sunlight is present. So check out where our shelves are if we intend to keep the board in them. And don't leave boards on our car's headboard where sunlight is likely to hit directly at them at midday. And never leave them on hot surfaces.

Quality backgammon boards are not just great heirlooms to have but at times also precious investments to make. They are indeed often priceless.

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