Chic Backgammon Wooden Board Varieties

Wood always has an appealing quality to most people. Especially when the natural beauty of wood is enhanced through sanding and burnishing or lamination processes it becomes a precious thing. More so when applied as backgammon wooden boards.

Let's take cherry wood, for instance. It varies in natural hue tones from the alluring rich red to an aged reddish brown. A backgammon board of this make creates an antique impression, especially when cherry wood darkens with age and upon exposure to sunlight.

Lyptus wood as frame for boards is an excellent wood as well as a sturdy one. Combined with a walnut spline and leather wrapping this Brazilian natural wood, actually a derivative from Eucalyptus trees, works perfectly as a strong border material for a backgammon board. Some lyptus boards even sell as high as $1000.00 plus.

For naturally light or creamy white colored wood grain a backgammon board should be of maple wood. This heavy wood can even result to a light tan wood color tone. It gives boards a fine and uniform wood face texture with a conspicuous and delightful straight-grain design. Wood sealers improve the quality of maple backgammon wooden boards.

Padauk African wood is another excellent choice for a backgammon board. Initially this wood shows off a natural shade of orange but gradually darkens in tint as it ages. Applied as boards for the game it gives backgammon an added chic touch appealing to the elite player.

And of course, we cannot close this article without mention of the popular walnut wood which is commonly used for backgammon boards. It has a natural deep brown color tone that is often mistaken for black. Its natural grain patternócurling, waving or sometimes straightóand are perfect for inlaid designs on boards.

Finally, there's the intriguing Jatoba wood. It has a mixture of orange and black striping that lends a touch of shady mystery about a backgammon board. Overtime it turns into its full deep tinge potential with some flashes of tan or orange remaining. This heavy wood is perfect for regularly used boards because of its durability and dense quality.

With high-quality and classy woods used for its boards backgammon continues to be among the most respected and time-tested board game known to man. Being made of quality woods boards can take us back to ancient times when nobilities used to enjoyed backgammon.

For sure, chic backgammon wooden boards will continue to be among priceless collectors' items enthusiasts will value greatly.

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