Download These Specially Designed Boards

Backgammon is an ornate game that uses an equally ornate game board. There are interesting traditional boards rich in elaborate designs but we should also try out the online board designs available.

Let's check out the downloadable board designs which Absolute Backgammon offers. First is the Secret Garden Board. This board looks similar to an architectural rendition of a garden landscape, brightly colored with lively verdant shrubbery and yellow greens with a sprinkling of tiny flower designs.

The points are lined in white for a readily discernible contrast against the greenish background with the dark points shaded with diagonal lines. Thus treated, both the point lines and the garden background are conspicuously laid out on screen, with nothing of their qualities compromised. The bar is colored dark blue or black for a marked accent in the middle The checker pieces are dark and light green.

Another interesting online board design is the Ancient Board. The whole thing looks like an ancient eastern mosaic work at first glance, and can well pass as an oriental decorative board excellent on the wall or a display shelf. The triangular points also have intricate designs on them and boarder lines are rendered with tiny acute triangles and patterned small arrow heads.

The Turkish Inlaid Board has a classy touch with its alternating pearly and jet black points against a background of bold dark colors. In between the points are dark brown spaces for an overall sharp look. The round checker pieces have ornamental designs in the middle.

Then there's the Antique Board. The points are also colored pearly white and jet black alternately against a backdrop of pine wood grain design. The whole thing is like an antique wooden china cabinet pierced with arrow tips at the top and bottom. The checker pieces are designed like small plates.

The Burgundy Glass Board is a very interesting piece. The whole thing looks like a thick transparent glass inserted with backgammon points. A similar variant, Blue Glass Board, is like transparent glass with bluish background. Glass Board backgrounds come in different colors.

Other board designs online are Brein and other traditional boards. They say variety is the spice of life. Backgammon becomes more exciting and mysterious with these striking board designs online. They take the monotony out of a prolonged game session, especially when bearing off becomes difficult.

It's an added fun to be able to enjoy online board designs for backgammon. They're easy to use: we simply download them to our computers.

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