Backgammon Boards to Suit Peculiar Tastes

Backgammon is, no doubt, a board game for people of respectable preferences. After all, the game has been played for many years now and dignified men used to take pride at playing it and owning stylish backgammon boards fit only for the nobility.

Boards that first applied to chouette, and then later to the modern backgammon that we know today, have evolved from various influences dictated by what materials were in fashion of a particular epoch. Thus, these boards were always part of the pervading craftsmanship of the times.

The regular features of the board have been the same: the steep triangular points in alternating colors, the incarcerating bar in the middle of the board, the ornate embellishments on the frames and the field, the dominantly eastern character, the checker pieces, the dice, and the cube.

There are metal boards especially designed for material durability. With magnetic bases for checkers these boards are also perfect for travelers who cannot but play a session or two even while in transit. Some prefer glass backgammon boards with permanently inserted points for elegance and strength.

The best board craftsmanship is the application of inlaid wood works enhancing the natural beauty of wood grains. Subtle application of color and lamination preserves the quality of precious woods like birch, olive, walnut, cherry, and mahogany. Some innovations mix in the rare qualities of Mother of Pearl. Some compose a beautiful mixture of all said materails and come out with an outstanding mosaic work.

Leather boards are also among the elegant and most stylish boards used for backgammon. Leathers are specially designed and treated for exceptional board quality. There are even special post-purchase care maintenance necessary to preserve its quality. This further improves the board as the leather ages. Both outer and inner leather board faces should be treated with a light detergent mixture or oil.

Some prefer the combination of wood and leather. This marries the elegant quality of specially treated board woods and the chic character of enhanced leather. With this accomplishment backgammon is lent with more uncommon traits not found in most game boards.

But the simplistic enthusiast need not worry about practical alternatives. There are very affordable boards available but nonetheless quality. They are designed for ordinary use at home or outdoors. Or else, we may opt for online boards which are accessible at the mere click of the mouse. They are the mostly lively option.

Needless to say, backgammon is nothing without backgammon boards, as the mind is nothing without the body.

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