Other Interesting Facts about Backgammon Boards

Being backgammon aficionados and greenhorn backgammon board connoisseurs we have to know some more about boards. Of course, it is common knowledge that both land based and online boards are superbly made only by the best and that physical boards can be made from a lot of costly materials.

But we need to know more facts about backgammon boards, especially the physical ones. For starters, points on the board should be made smooth enough to easily slide or drag checkers on them. That's why point quality is of the essence when we're picking what board to use or buy.

Another is that we can have a choice of 16 colors for our points. Don't be satisfied with black and white point colors. If we plan to buy several board sets, then we should consider buying those with various point colors by all means. We may have boards custom built. Choosy players opt only for those tailored to their personal preferences.

Interior walls of quality leather boards use leather derived from a single piece. The same goes for the space in between points and the points themselves. A singular grain pattern flowing in the same direction on the entire board face is very important.

An important interior face quality to achieve is the aging effect. After all, backgammon is a decades old game and is seldom deemed a modern board game—although its strategies and needed skills are apt to the modern times. So how is this effect achieved? Among facts about backgammon boards is that manufacturers often use a light dye foundation to attain a subtle aging quality.

When the aged effect is attained on the leather a contrast is brought about by treating point colors sharply and differently. The point colors are applied on the dye foundation then leather sealers are applied for overall protection. Then the combination of old and new applied on the finished board results to a remarkable leather backgammon board quality.

Brahma boards have special chouette boards for 6 players by providing 6 one and a half-inch cubes. It also has boards specifically designed for backgammon tournaments. They have smaller frames but still accommodate 4 pieces of one and ¼ inch cubes. There are chouette boards of walnut, maple, Padauk and cherry frames used for ordinary and tournament games.

These are just some facts about backgammon boards that will prove useful when buying one. And they should also help make us accomplished avid devotees in our own right.

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