Smart Leather Boards for Backgammon

Smart looking shiny leather backgammon boards protected in attaché cases fit well for this game many smart people are fond of playing. Light weight but sturdily built, leather cases functioning also as backgammon boards are easy to carry around to bring the game anywhere outdoors as well as indoors.

We can enjoy the excitement of backgammon in the work place or school. These leather boards, especially as Golden Anchor makes them, come in special S40 leather and measure at 53 by 32 centimeters when closed. When opened the board allows us to enjoy a wide board with larger 40 mm checker pieces sitting on equally larger points. As we use it we become acquainted with a tournament sized board.

Among the best features of this board is its casing—definitely of a unique make. The case is framed with brass and covered with tight leather. The lock is of brass and the handle is made of elegant high-quality metal, wood, or plastic. No doubt these boards are designed for luxury and class. This leather case-board comes with a complete backgammon set.

The dice cups are also of leather. Two dice pairs are included along with a doubling cube and checker pieces. The whole package is built to last and provide ease in playing. For a striking contrast the inside background of the board is treated differently. Some leather backgammon boards have beige backgrounds. Some have green suede fabric. Some sport a simple black gum backdrop.

Points can be colored in a variety of options. There are boards with black and white points. Some have red and white. Others have brown and gray, or gray and white. These combinations blend well with the chosen interior board walls. A special exterior case walling is a combination of sandwich black leather interspersed with a brown suede fabric. While its insides are of a green suede fabric.

A board with point colors of red and cream alternately against a background of black makes a remarkable impression, especially when red and white checkers are used on them. Red and gray checker pieces can also blend amazingly with a red gum board background. Closed or opened, the board gives the user a professional look and an aura of formality—as how smart players should be. It definitely lends us an image of being tournament material.

We'd like to show off a stylish and smart hobby, and when we have one of those shiny leather backgammon boards in hand we brandish it with pride.

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