Taki Backgammon Board Features

The board used in a game can have some effect on a player's play moods. In fact, some players are very particular about what kind of board is used in a board game. If we're that kind of a backgammon player then it may be worth checking out a Taki lightweight backgammon board.

A Taki board is of a lightweight hardwood material that's excellent for indoor and outdoor use. Some boards are durable but weight heavily so that carrying them on travels become a bit of a burden, especially when coupled with other travel stuffs. With Taki the board is not burdensome and yet designed to last long.

When closed the board measures 21 by 15 inches. It has a thickness of 3 inches. This size fits most average-size luggage. The lightweight wooden frames can fit snugly even in camping bags or big attaché cases. They have a special rubber padding material underneath to cushion off contact with hard materials and also for an excellent dice roll reaction on the board.

The board points and the whole face material of the interior board are of cotton velvet material for a soft feel, smooth surface, and bouncy effect on the dice rolls. There are many color combinations possible with the backgammon points and can be coordinated upon order with their manufacturers. This lightweight backgammon board comes with a marble Crisloid material for checker pieces measuring 1 and ¾ inches in diameter. These pieces measure just right to fit their storage cradles that come with the board.

With backgammon boards we should particularly check the durability of handles and locks. These are among the items on a backgammon board that easily get broken. Taki has brass locks and handles of top quality materials. Some boards use mere ceramics or plastic that easily break especially upon hard impact against hard objects.

For aesthetics considerations, Taki boards have intricate inlaid woodworking applied around it borders for an interesting artistic touch. The outer board has inlaid wood covering that restores the beautiful wood grains of the material. The board comes with a set—checkers, dice, and cups plus the doubling cube.

We can choose among game board materials like cherry and walnut rendered with plain or stained finishing. The interior board itself can be colored sandstone, blue, gray, blonde mist, or any that fits our fancy.

When opting for lightweight backgammon boards, consider Taki boards. Lightweight and durability are among its trademarks.

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