Unique Wooden Backgammon Boards

Some of the most amazing game boards are wooden backgammon boards. They are tough and beautiful to look at and feel. There are two boards we want to examine here specifically—the mosaic and hand-painted boards.

Among curious-looking and unique wooden boards are those of inlaid wooden mosaic materials laid together and polished to a gloss finish. These are intricately designed boards that are well appreciated in any culture. Hand-crafted boards and cases for backgammon, these mosaic boards, particularly those Yurdan-made, are lavish with Intarsia which is an elaborate pattern of wooden materials like in Parquetry.

These boards are of Turkish origin and the mere sight of them reminds us of ancient Turkish design patterns often dominated by pointed symbols which are likewise popular in Paris, London, and of course, Istanbul. This is a big advantage in favor of backgammon points. Not only is this perfect for collections but also as gifts to special friends.

These Turkish boards are made of fine wood and Mother of Pearl along with different wood Intarsia. They are also sometimes made to have three functions in one board—as a backgammon, checkers, and chess board. They are not only hand-crafted but hand-painted as well.

Hand-painted boards are often considered special wooden backgammon boards. Painstaking effort is put in every stroke marked on the boards manually by no less than specially picked skilled craftsmen, the best in the trade. Most hand-painted boards come in ¾ inch thick birch boards framed by 1 and ¾ inch thick designed wooden boundaries.

Frames are screwed to the board, not nailed. This is to assure board quality. These boards are often protected with hang tabs at the back for hanging on walls or to prevent scratches when placed on a smooth-surfaced table. They are always designed with a touch of mystical and vintage quality to be more alluring to the eyes and also vouch for their decades-old game history.

In fact, to add to its uniqueness, each checker piece is also hand-cut and crafted. The more they are manually manufactured the more their values increase. Hence, they're perfect for displays or gifts to special friends. They will also beautifully add to our glass encased special cabinets. Crafted and polished wood always has that appeal aesthetically.

Wooden backgammon boards are a good choice. We can either have them in mosaic designs or purely hand-painted and crafted, or both. The thing is that these backgammon boards appeal to all and our interest in the game is enhanced.

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