What to Look for in Backgammon Boards

Without doubt most boards for backgammon are of good quality. In fact most of them are good enough as collectors' items. If used with great care most boards can last for years.

Boards always come with complete checker pieces—30 in all—15 pieces for each player and a different color for each. The board comes with 2 cups, one for each player, and the cups are where the dice are shaken and rolled from. There are two dice for each player. Then there's a doubling cube.

We should distinguish between printed and sewn points. Points are the steep triangles on the board which serve as spaces to move checker pieces on. Some boards have points printed on the felt board. Some have points sewn into the felt board. Printed points are a lot better because pieces can be slid smoothly on them without tripping on stitches or edges.

Then we should also check the board handles and locks. These are often the board parts that easily break. Don't settle for strapped handles and locks of hook and screw types which are often higher priced than those of good qualities. The best are those of brass material.

Affordable boards for backgammon usually have points printed on them. But there are board brands that have made point printing an art. They have found a way of sharply and finely printing the points straight on the velour material. Printed points often made poor quality as far as detail and sharpness were concerned. But with modern printing applied on felt board covers, the result is a very high quality print yet so reasonably priced. Checker chips can smoothly slide past them as they are moved to their home board.

Hand sewn points seldom result to flat surfaces unlike printed points. At times they even interfere with our fingernails as we secure and move checker pieces on points on the board. Poor quality hand sewn points can even create problems with cocked dice when they fall on damaged points, loosening points, and torn off points.

Hence, when opting for affordable backgammon boards with points merely printed on them, we have to check that good quality printing is used. We also make sure that the board handle and lock are of good quality and the backgammon set is complete.

Boards for backgammon are usually carefully made and designed, even those reasonably priced. Nevertheless, we ought to always choose the best ones to get value for our money.

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